Licensed Yatse from Amazon no more available + formatted phone

I downloaded a long time ago Yatse from the Amazon App Store and then used some Amazon coins I gained from a promotion to purchase the Unlocker in-app. Last week I formatted my phone and didn’t make a backup, now Yatse is unavailable on the Amazon app store.
I email Amazon service but they only confirmed they decided to remove the app. No info or help on saving my license was given.
Is there a way to retrieve that license or will I have to purchase it again from Play Store?
The order ID from Amazon is D01-8585249-4965440
Thanks in advance and the great work

I’m sorry but nothing I can do on my side.

I have no access to anything to check licences on Amazon, they decided to rob users they need to assume their choices, it’s incredible that they do not offer you any assistance on that after what they did :frowning: