License Validating Problem

First of all, at the bottom of the emails you sent me, it says : “Visit Topic To Respond”. That’s why I didn’t start a new thread until now. You should’ve told me that that message was auto generated by the forum software and to disregard it. Since you didn’t do that, I assumed you wanted me to continue posting in the other thread. And if the issue that the other thread is about is resolved, why wasn’t the thread locked? That’s how its usually done. Since it had been 2 years between my post and the previous post, it makes all the sense in the world to lock it. I really really love this forum software. Its the best I’ve seen. But maybe you’re relying on it to do too much of your job like a pilot sometimes relies on auto-pilot and other modern airplane technology to do too much of theirs, causing their plane to crash. It wouldn’t hurt to lock threads after you mark them resolved. Maybe a few months after they’re resolved.

Now lets get to my problem…

“And you still have no given the answers to the point of the FAQ regarding paypal unlockers.”

I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but I’ll do my best to answer this:

I do use Titanium Back-Up, but since I’ve reinstalled Yatse several times, that’s not relavant. Also, I don’t use Google Play Store. I install my apps using an APK file, usually from

I’ve reinstalled and updated the OS since the last time the license worked.

I did purchase the unlocker.

I’m never asked about permissions when I install the unlocker.
I installed the latest version of Yatse while I was compiling this post and I was asked about permissions for the unlocker this time. I probably said no the other times it askd me because I didn’t understand why the unlocker needed to access my contacts. That didn’t solve my problem though, but I can access the menus now and have attached a debug log. What about Yatse itself? Shouldn’t I have been asked about permissions while installing that? Yatse isn’t listed in the OS’s permissions manager while the unlocker is.

I have re-download the unlocker.

Google hasn’t changed my email address.

By the way, I have 2 email addresses registered in OS settings. Is that a problem for Yatse? Does this constitute changing the email address?

I think I’ve answered all the PayPal unlocker related questions you’ve asked.

Thanks for your help.

Debug Log: (2.3 KB)

You are really amazing, so for you the automated part of the mail you receive is more important than the 2 times where I write :slight_smile:

Be sure to read Yatse licenses issues solutions and provide everything by mail.

I asked you to provide the missing information by mail …

While you kept not reading the FAQ, and here we are, you still open a new issue and did not sent by mail.
Not that I care about your privacy if you don’t care about it, but at some point it’s just a matter of reading what I write.

And of course let’s talk about the visit topic:

I mean there’s no way to not see that it’s the forum that add that, you can’t imagine that I manually write nice buttons in answers and give a link to unsubscribe …

Now about the issue, the license is refused so the unlocker does not find the email on your device. Your unlocker is registered to a address not a gmail email so it’s that account that must be present in your OS settings / account part.

Since you finally discovered that there’s a permission to grant can you start fresh?
Verify that your Juno account is properly set as OS account.
Install the legacy unlocker and give the necessary permission.
Reinstall Yatse from scratch.