Last selected Media Center vanishes from selection when using option "Switch to target"

Under “General settings/Advanced” I’ve enabled the options “Select target on Send To” and “Switch to target”.

This causes the following problem:
In my household I’m using “Yatse” with 4 different Media Centers in total. When sharing a video with “Play in Media Center” (for example from the YouTube website), the dialog box “Select Media Center” pops up and I select a Media Center which is NOT the one I have used before. KODI starts playing the video and I can use “Yatse” with it because it has automatically switched to the new target. So far so good.

But after that, the last selected Media Center has vanished from the selection! I have to switch to another Media Center to get the “forgotten” one appear in the selection again.

Could you please fix this bug?

Thank you in advance!

Okay, I’ve attached the debug file. (9.0 KB)

Logs does not correspond to your description. Each time I need to ask for logs and details, would be nice that one day you directly provide everything :slight_smile:

Anyway disappear from what list can you make a video or screenshots about what you are talking?

Okay, I’ve made a video:

  • in the beginning you can see that there are 4 different Media Centers:
    1. Atelier (this is the current seleted one)
    2. Kinderzimmer
    3. Schlafzimmer
    4. Wohnzimmer
  • then I’m sharing a video from a YouTube website and choose "Play in Media Center”
  • I’m selecting “Wohnzimmer” as the “target Media Center”-
  • KODI installation (“Wohnzimmer”) starts playing the video
  • "Yatse” has automatically switched to the new target.“Wohnzimmer”
  • when the video is stopped, the last used Media Center (“Atelier”) is no longer in the available list of Media Centers!

Ok so that’s the list you are talking about. A small reload issue will fix.