Kodi's smartlist's sorting is not working in Yatse?

Be sure to read How to get debug information and open a proper issue to provide necessary logs and information.
Any issue without the logs can be automatically closed without further notice.

Issue description: Kodi’s smartlist’s sorting is not working in Yatse. I have created smart playlist in Kodi with sorting by Rating (desc). This list works fine when opened in Kodi. But when I open it in Yatse - the list’s sorting is different from Kodi.

Logs: Please let me know if needed.


Additional information: I have attached screenshots: one shows my Top Rated list in Kodi, the other screenshot shows the same Top Rated list in Yatse. As you can see top movies are totally different.

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Please help me find the proper wording so that people understand that logs are mandatory :slight_smile: This makes everyone gain time.

debug-20211204_072722.zip (16.2 KB)

I have attached it. Sorry :grinning: :grinning:

You need to change the sort order on top right to default.

It worked! Thank you! :+1: :grinning: