Kodi/PVR: Filter of channel groups on multiple devices

Issue description:
For my setup: I have two Kodi devices with a PVR plugin enabled that supports channel groups (Filter PVR channels by some properties). Yatse supports this by the filter icon in PVR view.

Issue: When switching in yatse between two Kodi devices, this flter gets lost and no channels are displayed.
Expected behavior: Filter is kept when changing devices, or at least the previous filter per device is stored.

See screenshots for details.


debug-20200203_201552.zip (61.3 KB)


Step 1: Select a filter on the yellow device:

Step 2: Switch to the blue device - no more channels visible:

Step 3: Set a filter on the blue device:

Step 4: Switch to yellow device - channels are hidden again:

Additional information:

Phone model: xiaomi redmi note 5 pro

You forget the logs but this is a 99% because Kodi returns different Ids for the groups.

Debug log added in first post.

I think the filter stays pre-selected, when switching between the two devices, but channel list is empty.

Thanks for the logs, so yes the ids are different between the hosts, so Kodi returns nothing on the second host as the ID match nothing :frowning:

Will clean the filter on host change then as no choice. I know Kodi have a settings to use backend ID for the channels, don’t know if that settings also applies to groups, might worth a test until I reset the filter for next version.

Or store the selected channel group id per host?

Id is what identify things. The fact that text is the same does not mean that it’s the same object. So switching to text matching to try to guess an id is a no go as not 100% valid.

Yes, but id is stable per host, see my log:
req_id-444: 1:AllChannels, 2:Fav
req_id-642: 1:AllChannels, 2:Fav
req_id-809: 1:AllChannels, 4:Fav
req_id-921: 1:AllChannels, 4:Fav

If you store the selected id per host it should be fine.

Yes I totally forget that I persist the filter across sessions :slight_smile: Will see to store per host, thanks for pushing. I’m not a big PVR user.

So actually it was already the case, the value was just loaded too late after a very old refactor.

Thanks for your awesome APP and great support!

A feature request for VoD PVR feature will follow next days :stuck_out_tongue: