Kodi on raspberry and transcoding on Samsung TV

Dear all,
I have librelec/kodi installed on a raspberry pi.
This raspberry is connected to LG TV into my living room. The question is, how can I transcoding what I see on LG TV to my Samsung TV into my kitchen?
All the TVs and raspberry are in the same network.

I have buy the pro version of Yatze but when I click on my share-Samsung TV on Yatze app, I receive the 404 error.

I tried also to install bubble upnp on my phone with Yatze, but the result is the same, doesn’t work.

Please can you indicate the different steps to follow in order to achieve the goal?


As the template says logs are mandatory to get any answer:

For the rest there’s plenty of videos like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN-5_KjqQik