Kodi Lyrics font size on remote

just discovered the CU LRC lyrics add-on in Kodi and having it displayed on my Yatse remote. Great!
However, I have two questions;

  1. Is it possible to change the size of font used for the lyrics on the remote?
  2. Is it possible, just like on Kodi, to “track” the lyrics by using a different color of the position in the lyrics?
  1. Maybe please provide screenshot of how it renders on your device

  2. No sorry.

Thanks I will increase but since there’s no sync, the goal is more to be able to read them properly than just see the current sentence in very big :frowning:

Great. I understand it will not be in sync, and it doesn’t have to be soooooo big, but it would be nice if they are a little bigger so it’s easier to read for my old eyes :relieved:

Thanks tolriq, just updated Yatse and the lyrics are much better (at least to my eyes!)
Thanks again,