Kodi library syncing improvements


The topic is a bit vague because I’m open for any solution that makes my everyday easier. So I’ll start with the use case.

I’m using smart sync (awesome feature!) to download current tv-shows to watch when I’m away from home for extended amount of time. Most of the time I just watch the episodes on kodi at home though.

Syncing my kodi library with yatse takes ~2-3 minutes (not sure what is normal, but I have a pretty large library). This is obviously too long when I sit down in front of the TV to relax and watch something, so most of the time I just use the remote functionality in yatse to control kodi (instead of navigating the tv-shows/Movies tabs). This means yatse will not actually sync the library unless I remember to do it manually… Which usually is shortly before I have to leave home for an extended amount of time… And with 2-3 minutes library sync time and a few GB to download it is way too often when I don’t have time to actually download everything I want before I have to leave :frowning:

I think the most desired fix from my point of view would be if yatse could be a bit more snappy with the library sync. Maybe do a selective sync on tv-shows that have changed in the last 30 days first before doing a full sync? That would probably make new episodes pop up faster in yatse and maybe make me more likely to use the library functionality instead of just the remote control.

But maybe there are other ways to make this a little bit better. Right now it seems that the library sync is initiated only when you enter the tab (Movies, TV-shows or Music). Perhaps a sync of all categories could be initiated by just opening the remote if the last sync is older than a few hours or something? Or maybe there could be a way to schedule regular library updates? Just getting yatse to sync once a day would get the libraries in better sync and maybe a few episodes already downloaded to the phone the next time I have to leave home…

Basically my problem is that the episodes I want to watch isn’t on my phone when I need them, and if yatse could help me solve that it would be great! :slight_smile:

Thanks for a great app!

You can use tasker and API / plugin to trigger sync whenever you want.

Unfortunately Kodi video DB does not allow proper differential sync (something that was recently added to music). So there’s no way to ensure database integrity when doing random show sync. Even worse when you have shows stored in multiple folders.

Be sure to try on Kodi 19 as there was some work to speedup JSON on Kodi side too.

There’s no full sync of everything on app startup, because in Android world with widget and many cases start up means nothing :slight_smile: But most important there’s no order control. If Yatse starts a full sync of your music when you want fast movies sync you have to wait for music to finish, that’s an awful delay :slight_smile:

Thanks! I didn’t think about checking tasker; I use automate for some other stuff and it supports tasker plugins, so I made a custom flow for syncing media from there. I do have some issues, but I’ll create a new support post about that since it’s not a feature request any more. Feel free to close this :slight_smile: