Kodi keymap and Custom Commands

I have installed the Zomboided service.vpn.manager addon on my Raspberry Pi with the latest version of LibreElec. In the addon’s settings under utilities I have mapped the information display button to the F1 button on a Bluetooth keyboard. On doing that the addon informed me that the information display is now mapped to keyboard code 61584.

Now when I press the F1 button the information screen is effectively displayed.
Since I operate my Kodi more often with my smartphone than with the Bluetooth keyboard I would like to be able to simulate sending that F1 button from my phone. And that I can’t get working. This is what I have tried…

  • In Yatse I have clicked the “Custom Commands” button in the top right.
  • Click on the + to add a command
  • Choose “Add from mediacenter”
  • Choose commando type “Afstandsbedieningsknop” (sorry I can’t get my app into English, I guess it’s something like “Remote button”. It’s the first option in the list of types.)
  • Enter a screen name (test for the time being)
  • Enter remote button code (61584 as communicated by the addon)
  • Press ok

When I test this new custom command nothing happens: the information display doesn’t pop up.
I have tried the same procedure with commando type “Toetsenbord toets” (second option in the list, something like keyboard key I think) but that doesn’t work either.

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong and help me to get this working?

Well you need to ask the addon author what real Kodi command is mapped to that keyboard code.

Then add that command as a custom command in Yatse.

Thanks for the advice, Tolriq. I did get it solved in slighly different way though.
For future reference here are the steps…

  • Use SSH to get command line access to kodi
  • Go to the keymaps folder. On my Raspberry Pi with LibreElec that is /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/
  • Open the file zomboided.xml in the keymaps folder with nano or alike.
  • It should contain a piece of xml code like this one. I have marked the part I was looking for in bold italic. On that same line please also notice the keybord code assigned by the addon.

    <key id=“61584”>runscript(/storage/.kodi/addons/service.vpn.manager/infopopup.py)</key>

  • Click the “Custom Commands” button in Yatse
  • Click on the + to add a command
  • Choose “Add from mediacenter”
  • Choose the third option “Call built-in”
  • Enter some name (I chose “VPN System Info” for this one)
  • Enter the bold italic piece of text from the xml file.
  • Click the ok button