Kodi Custom Nodes in Yatse?

Hello everyone,

in Kodi I have set up some custom nodes for the music library, to separate Pop/Rock-music, Classical music and Audiobooks. Is there a way to get these custom node filters to work in Yatse? Because now I just get a big list of everything and it’s a big confusing mess.

Any ideas?

Depends on your Kodi version and organization.

You can filter by sources, use smart playlists, …

Wiki shows a lot of things.

It’s Kodi 19.4. But I want to get my cutom nodes filters to work in Yatse, I do not find anything on that in the Wiki.

Yatse is not Kodi else you’d use Kodi :wink:

A custom node is just a smart filter in Yatse’s world.

If you want to browse Kodi in file mode then use file mode then database but this is highly limiting.

Stop thinking about what you want to copy from Kodi, but what Yatse offers and how to fit your need not the solution you think is the one because it’s the only one you currently know.

Ah, OK, that looks helpful, at least it points me in a direction…
I had hoped for subdivisions of the music section, where I open Music, then select the subdivision (Pop-Rock, Jazz, Classic, Audiobooks) and then get the library content accordingly. (To be honest i had hoped to be able to simply use the custom nodes set up in Kodi…)
I will have a look into the smart filters and see what they might offer.
Thank you for your help.

You can also create multiple sources inside Kodi and quickly filter on that. There’s many ways to achieve the need.
Kodi custom nodes are not it’s file mode filter.

You can do that via file mode as explained but it’s file mode, way less powerful.