Kodi 19 widget problem

I’m using the Yatse app ( pro version ) to remote control Kodi running on my media center. The widget displays the movie being played, under kodi 18 it used to show the poster for the movie, whereas under Kodi 19 it only shows a snapshot from the movie. Is it supposed to work this way? How can I make the widget display the movie poster (as it was under Kodi 18) and not just a snapshot from the movie?

Thanks in advance for your help.

As the template you removed says I need logs to be able to answer :slight_smile:

Kodi 19 have a few bugs and probably returns the wrong data.

Log: debug-20210807_170403.zip (153.0 KB)


Only the widget is bad.

Some screenshot:

In that widget Yatse displays the fanart by default due to the aspect ratio (I think there’s a setting)

And Kodi returns “art”:{“fanart”:“image://REMOVED:[email protected]%3a%2f%2f192.168.1.100%2fFilmGyerek%2fPaddington.1080%2f02.paddington.2.1080p.remux-trinity.mkv/”} as the fanart that is that image extracted from the movie.

Fanarts turn off on yatse.
And works well under kodi 18.

Or do you think I need to look for a solution in my kodi settings?

From the logs I don’t even know how Yatse can show the thumbnail as Kodi does not return it.
It only give that image in the art field from the logs you give.

Thanks your help!

I just don’t understand why the poster appears everywhere (as my attached pictures show), not on the widget alone. Where does yatse get the posters? Not from kodi?

Kodi have 2 things:

It’s database that Yatse sync
The now playing that Yatse query and display in well now playing :slight_smile:

The Kodi now playing API only returns a fanart with the wrong data for that media. It should also return the poster and other things. Don’t know why but is not normal and not in Yatse control.

It worked with Kodi 18 because it returned the proper data.
Are you on last Kodi 19.1 and an official build?
Maybe you can try a Kodi 19.z nightly

I tried kodi 19.1 on android media box, and Coreelec 19.2-Matrix_rc3 (Stable), but same.
Ok, i will try the nightly version.

Check the logs woth v18 you’ll see the difference.

I tried kodi 19 nightly, but same.

Kodi 18 log: debug-20210808_113101.zip (17.3 KB)

Kodi 18 widget:

As you can see the art is properly filled in Kodi 18.
Proper fanart, proper poster and set data.

Yatse can’t invent that data it should be fixed on Kodi side if you have properly scrapped those media.