Kodi 19 low framerate / stuttering after opening with Yatse Remote Starter (wake on LAN)

Issue description:

Hi, I recently set up Remote Starter for Kodi on my Macbook Air according to the steps in this post. It mostly works great and I am able to start Kodi remotely through the Yatse app on my Android phone.

However, for some reason, any time I start Kodi via the app, all video and UI animations are very choppy/stuttery (as if at 5-10fps) until I close Kodi and open it again normally (i.e., by running the app locally on my Macbook). This only happens when starting Kodi via Remote Starter and it happens consistently every time. Everything else appears to work, but the framerate makes videos unwatchable.

The Kodi debug console reports the same CPU and RAM usage either way. However, Kodi reports the frame rate as ~60fps when opening Kodi normally and ~30-35fps when running Kodi via Remote Starter (but it looks like a much lower framerate in person).

I’ve attached two Kodi logs below (one for opening Kodi over WOL and one for opening Kodi locally) - both taken with the same procedure (open Kodi, watch video for 10 seconds, exit video, close Kodi).

Any help or advice would be appreciated!

kodi_normal_start.log (436.8 KB)
kodi_WOL_start.log (458.2 KB)

You need to see on Kodi forums, I have no idea what is going on and how Kodi works or is started on Mac.

Yatse is not involved in this, it sends a packet then that script that I did not wrote start Kodi. Maybe there’s needs to add some params to Kodi command line.