Keyboard support on chromebooks

When using Yatse from a chromebook the arrow keys work well for navigating the menus and also for seeking in video files but there is no key for confirming selections in menus or to play/pause the video.

It would be great if the spacebar could be implemented as a key for both confirming selections in menus and to play/pause the video. Furthermore I feel the backspace key could work as a “back” key.

Finally took time to install the emulator.

Seems the normal back thing in ChromeOS is ctrl+backspace, but i’ve added an hack to directly support backspace as back.
I’ve also added space as a direct play/pause command everywhere.

But I’ll need more details about the confirming selections in menu as I don’t really understand what / how you want to achieve this.

Well then @hattorihanzy I’ll guess this close this as implemented.