Jump to list item when a letter is pressed on Yatse keyboard

Navigating through longs list, in media library or addon repository, is really inconvenient when you know that one thing that you’re looking for. Even scrolling by pages is not that helpful in some cases. Is it possible to implement a feature where by bringing up the keyboard in Yatse and pressing a particular letter, the selection jumps to the item starting with that letter in the list on display in Kodi? Maybe it could work with multiple keystrokes pressed in quick succession for better results (Just like Windows or Ubuntu file explorers).

You can already:

But Yatse is made to be the screen that display the listings as it’s faster and more convenient with instant filters/sort/smart filters and grouping that even Kodi GUI does not support.

The goal of Yatse is that you never need the remote screen actually.

I agree that Yatse provides much more functionality through filters/sorting/grouping/searching. But I usually end up browsing on the big screen, and miss that jump feature on most of the file explorers. Even though Kodi has no implementation of that jump feature itself, there may be some way to go about it.

Also it feels that Kodi loads directory hosted on Google Drive faster than Yatse. It may be something related to my configuration, but that is what I have observed.

Yatse does have the jump to big screen option for directories in file mode :wink: (Long press Display on Media Center).

And by default yes some directories are slower by JSON but you can activate the option file mode in the filter box to speed up a lot this too :wink:

All is explained in the Wiki :slight_smile: