Jellyfin Server is offline

Everytime i go back to the app after a while it will say Jellyfin is offline, its not, but it never refeshers to check, Im presuming this is when ive been out of the app for a while

If i click into another host, then back its back online

Any way to auto refresh this when app is re opened?

When you create an issue there’s a template to follow :slight_smile:

Be sure to read How to get debug information and open a proper issue to provide necessary logs and information.
Any issue without the logs can be automatically closed without further notice.

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See attched, i didnt know if there was a open for retry hidden in a menu

Hum that’s strange Yatse properly check status and it works.

Can you provide a video so I can see exactly what is displayed?

Your device disconnect wifi when screen off, so maybe there’s some kind of race in the events when reconnecting + showing the UI at the same time.

cant really provide a video

it shows this

i click hosts select any, go straight back to jellyfin and its online

Ok so after many tries I was able to reach that state once. Definitively a small race.

I think I have it fixed for next release. Please reopen if it’s not the case.

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Upgraded to Beta version last night, problem still exists, let me know if you want another log file

It’s normal that beta was pushed before, Google just took 6 days to validate it :slight_smile:

Sorry what I mean is even with new version. I still come back to app and its showing offline

And as I said this is normal the last version you have is 6 days old :slight_smile:

The fix will only be in the future version.

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ha sorry, i thought it said thats what was in the whats new when I updated