Jellyfin playlist don't show up

I just create my jellyfin server today on unraid.
Jellyfin works fine, made some test on a web browser and on my phone with the Jellyfin android app, and no issues.
I was interested in the offline options of Yatse and started my trial. I can connect on my server, music display is ok but the “playlists” windows stay empty.
I can see them on the Jellyfin or Gelli android apps.

Is it a limitation of the Yatse app or a problem on my side ?
Jellyfin version is 10.6.4
Yatse 10.6.6.a

I join screen capture of the playlist of the server, jellyfin app and yatse. The log was made after a reload of the music database.
I’ve already try do delete cache and data of the yatse app but it is not working.
Thanks for your answers and support.

[Support] Yatse logs - (819.4 KB)

Press the + button to import them ? :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your quick reply.
I undertand now how it is working.
Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that if I modify the playlist on my smartphone, the changes won’t be send to the server. There is no 2 ways sync or export option ?

Not yet yes, only sync from server or local to Yatse. It’s on the todo list.

Ok, I understand. I think I’ll follow the updates and give it another try later.
Thanks for your time

Is that so vital to not enjoy all the rest ?

Do you change playlist every day only on phone for things that can’t be local or build as smart playlist?

Yes, actually I manage my playlist on my smartphone or tablet most of the time. So one of my main need for a jellyfin app is the ability to save the playlist changes on the server.

Hi, just wondered if you had any timescale for this on your to do list?


Not really as Kodi does not support that so it’s lower priority specially with Kodi 19 and all it’s bug that will soon be out :frowning:

Ok no problems, thanks for the quick reply.