Jellyfin music albums out of sync


Firstly, I’m a long time Yatse user, so thanks for creating and maintaining such an excellent app!

I have a minor issue with the Jellyfin music database synchronisation. The problem is that certain albums have become out of sync with Jellyfin - for example in Yatse an album shows up as containing 2 tracks but it actually contains 5 tracks. I’ve forced a re-sync of the music database multiple times but the issue persists. Given the speed of the sync, I have a feeling that you have implemented support for partial database updates in Jellyfin (e.g. you ask the server “send me everything that has changed since X”). Is there anyway I can force a full and complete sync of the music database from Jellyfin into Yatse? Hopefully I’m not missing something obvious!

Jellyfin version is 10.7.5. Yatse Pro version is 10.8.5/71108192.

Example of the issue:



There’s no partial support for Jellyfin and as the template says I need logs :slight_smile:

I fear that the wrong Ids issues from Jellyfin are spreading and they do not really seems to want to tackle this :frowning:

Thanks for the quick response. I’ve generated a debug log and sent it to @Support.

Do you know if the “wrong IDs” has been raised as an issue on Jellyfin’s GitHub?

Ok so your issue is way simpler than that :slight_smile:
You have enabled the filter hide played that well hide the played songs :wink:

Click the top right filter icon and uncheck it.

Haha, how embarrassing! :blush: Sorry for wasting your time and thanks for the great support!