Jellyfin Audiobooks not recognized as Music

Issue description:

Jellyfin Audiobooks not recognized.
I have two library’s in Jellyfin. One of the type “Music” and one of the Type “Book” (The Jellyfin documentation says audiobooks should be put under the books categories)
But in Yatse under Music only my normal music library show up, probably because yatse doesn’t check for audio under book library’s. Can you please add support for this? I tried changing the book type to music, but this does not really work as Jellyfin then screws up the order of the chapters


Thanks a lot for this app, really like it and am looking forward to your reply

You forget the mandatory logs :wink:

Anyway Books are not music so yes they are not mixed in your music, Jellyfin needs to start supporting AudioBooks correctly as Emby, until then you need to put them as music.