Italian support for Voice Commands

I compiled file excel with italian translations for voice commands .Is it possible to integrate?
Yatse Language support (13.0 KB)


Your forget to fill the second tab of the file :slight_smile:

Uao …super fast …:ghignante:…Sorry
Now it should be complete…Yatse Language support (19.2 KB)

Checking file is fast adding it will be long :slight_smile:

Do not hesitate to add more variations and synonyms so that it works better.

@Marco_Magnani sorry for the delay I had to first migrate the AI engine to a new API thanks to Google deprecation :slight_smile:

Can you please contact me by mail so I can send you an APK with Italian activated so you can use it to train the agent and I can improve it’s detection?

Ok …Fantastic…:grinning:I’m ready…

which email should I contact you?

Just join the beta group on Play Store.

Ok… Done… Thanks a lot…

Then you need to install it and use it and report all that does not work :slight_smile:

Preferably with logs (And be sure to have your phone in Italian of course)

Ok …
can you tell me where to find the yaste log?

just activate Debug Mode?

But I do not see any attempt in Italian yet on the AI bot.

I’m done eating now … sorry, now I install the apk …

where can i find the apk to install?:thinking:

It’s automatic from Play Store if you have joined beta it should propose to update.

Then in left menu top there’s a beta text in red.

Ok…done…Now I adjust the settings and try …:smiley::smiley::smiley:

I did some testing …
excluded 4 functions of which I sent you the logs inside the folder everything works … inside the folder I also inserted the modified excel file with the correct wordings …
Meanwhile, I thank you for your fantastic job …
I would like to ask you if it was possible to add a function like “best match” to search for TV channels …
Example: if I say “start channel LA 7” google writes “start channel LA7” if the channel name is
“LA 7” I have a channel not found answer.
Thanks again
I remain available for further tests (62.5 KB)

Not sure I properly spotted the differences in the Excel file, maybe you can just list the changes?

For the rest I’ve trained the agent a little more with your input and it will improve over time the more Italians use it :slight_smile:

For the best matches there’s already things like that, but not all cases can be found, specially this case as it still searches for combination of words and LA7 is a single word :frowning: