Issue when sharing a youtube-video to Kodi: Dialog-box "Select media centre" is closing too fast

I’m using “Yatse” v10.6.6/71108170-arm64-v8a" under “Android Pie”, my smartphone is a “Pocophone F1”.

When trying to share a youtube-video to Kodi by Yatse’s “Share with” components in Android, the dialog-box “Select media centre” is closing so fast that it’s impossible to react to it, instead a message “No media centre selected” appears!

Since I don’t know how to make an Android log file, I’ve made a screen recording. In this video you can see that the misbehaviour mentioned above occurs VERY often, and there’s no difference if I choose “queue in media centre” or “play in media centre”.

Could you please fix this issue? Maybe the problem could be solved by an increased “waiting time” before the dialog-box “Select media centre” is closing automatically …

Thank you in advance!

Download link:

Seriously again no log and daring to tell me you don’t know how to generate them when the template clearly explains how and I did gave you the link in 100% of your previous support request asking you them each and every time?

At some point I don’t know what to say …