Is it possible to add tracks to the end of the queue?

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Issue description:

This is more of a usability question, and a feature request if not possible. Probably a simple one to answer - I was surprised not to find an answer to it searching on google or browsing the forums.

When I browse my music collection and add an item to the queue, it gets add at the front of the queue, so it is the next item to play, rather than the end and gets played last, which is usually what I’d prefer.

Is there a way to add items to the end of the queue? And if so, to make this the default?



Additional information:


There’s 2 buttons to queue:
Queue next, queue last for that purpose.

There’s a setting to define default song action click too :wink:

Ok, thanks!

Now I know the functionality is there, I think I’ve worked out all how to do that. I didn’t realise that the drop-down menu item “queue” performed something different to (queue at end) the button with the lines and a triangle (queue at start).

I didn’t find a button to queue at the end.

I did find the setting for the default click action. Settings -> Library Settings -> Default Song action.

Mentioning this as it might fox some other people too.