Ir (blaster) functions?

Hi Toriq,

I love Yatse, but maybe I have a “problem” that more users have: I still need to switch on the TV and/ or amplifier with another remote (or worse: walk to the device and switch it on manually!)…

quite some devices that can run Yatse have IR balser:

Would it be possible/ usefull to have some basic IR functions in Yatse to switch on the TV and/or amplifier?

The problem is not the IR function it’s the code database :frowning:

90% of Android devices with IR blaster only works one way so can’t be used to learn codes. Meaning without a full proper IR code database it’s quite complicated to propose something end user ready.

Ok. Clear. I thought it would be less complicated and more standardised. …

Pffff. Then I will continue to walk to the amplifier to switch it on. I refuse to install an ugly app next to Yatse just to power it up! Is that what you call a power walk? :slight_smile:

What device and android version do you have? And is your device you want to control somewhere on that site: with pronto codes ?

Samsung s4 mini. Android 4.4.4, simple sony home cinema dav- dz330, but with hifiberry dac + (so volume control is already covered in yatse )

No need for all functions. Only power on/off, so iirc any dav-dv remote will work for the power function.

(I mainly use kodi for playing alac/ flac music)

If I ever do something there won’t be any pre filled code :wink:

So please take time to check if you can find codes for your device and in what format.

I think I see quite some codes in various formats on for Sony DVD players, but I have no idea how to test them :frowning:

I think this app: permit to create buttons with codes.

I have not yet really do any tests for that yet :frowning:

Ok this is really insane. :scream:
So many IR remote controlled devices in every home, and so little good documentation.

I found an official Sony remote IR app: my DAV-DZ330 is not listed :frowning: my sony tv is listed, so I will try the app later this week.

alternative route: work back from the sony remotes (they have their own product codes):
I found that the remote RM-ADU078 (ean 8006023442805) is compatible with RM-ADU138 (ean 7091231774344), so maybe that will give me some other sony DVD /theatre devices that have listed IR codes…

You start to understand why I did not want to touch this insanity and will never be able to provide code database for users :slight_smile:


The sony remote app doesn’t seem to work with my devices. It wants to know the ip numbers, but my devices are older and IR only :anguished:

Tried to play a little today, but I’m not able to find any codes for any of my devices :frowning:

I found a work-around: I explained/ instructed the kids how to switch on my amplifier :slight_smile:

I propose to close this feature request to prevent further headaches…

@msxbas your devices does not support CEC?
I had the same issue. After some hours of thinking and configuration (trial and error) I found the perfect setup with CEC (via amp, TV set, Kodi on Odroid) and Yatse.

Imagine, my TV set and amp are off. When my boy opens Yatse, found a TV show and hits the play button -> all the devices and the movie are starting directly and the boy enjoys the show.

Thanks for the reply eusi, I will investigate the CEC standards, although there is no direct HDMI connection between Kodi and the home Cinema (DAC audio comes through a mini-jack line-in connection).
Both kodi and home Cinema are connected with HDMI to the TV, but I am not sure if my current Libreelec supports audio on both HDMI AND DAC simultaneously…