Intents API trouble

Issue description:

On Samsung S20 with Android 13 and Kodi 19.1, trying to use the intents API as described here: Yatse API

but nothing is happening when raising the intent:

adb shell am broadcast -a tv.yatse.api.MEDIA_COMMAND --es COMMAND “playpause”

command output:
Broadcasting: Intent { act=tv.yatse.api.MEDIA_COMMAND flg=0x400000 (has extras) }
Broadcast completed: result=0

Kodi doesn’t react, and ADB logcat doesn’t mention the intent at all. Same behavior when trying to raise it from Tasker. I tried to enable debug logging in Yatse, but the Manage Logs screen says “No file”.

Any help is appreciated!

Logs: (Join files do not paste the content of the files here !)

App doesn’t seem to generate a file even though debug mode is on.

Logs are always generated or the app would not work.

Without logs it’s hard to tell but you need to use the proper parameters as explained in the doc …


If you only pass half of this, it can’t work :wink: How to pass those 2 values depend on the tool you use.