Instead of just playing the video, Yatse now gives me several options to choose from - none of which work or are good

Issue description:

Bought the app. Played around a bit (video replay worked just as usual). Then I headed into the settings menu. Changed a few things that I considered harmless, e.g. don’t show collections with less than 2 movies. Since I came back form this short adventure, playing videos don’t work anymore. It used to just play them, now it shows me the options you can see in picture 1. The first three I don’t necessarily completely understand, but the first one seemed to be the right one. It doesn’t do much as you can see in pictures 2 and 3. Plex option works and so does the Samsung Video player, but both of those options are way worse compared to how it used to be.

I’m absolutely mind-boggled by what happened here. The same account with the same host details work perfectly on plex too … so what changed? Reinstall, settings reset, phone reboot - nothing worked.

Changing the video player from default to mx player or vlc changes absolutely nothing. I don’t think any of those three are even attempted to be opened - I don’t understand that interface shown especially in picture 3. What is that supposed to do? It even stays in german when I change yatse language to english - it looks and feels so off. I want it to go away and have my normal video player back :stuck_out_tongue:

Any ideas?



Additional information:

Using Yatse to connect to Plex. Connection is fine, I just can’t play the movies anymore.

some strings for googlers:

“Steuere von externen Player”.
“Steuere von externen Player oder Playlist”.
“Ein Video wird gestreamt”.

Yatse have no internal video player, if you do not select a player in the settings then it either open the default Android player or show the normal Android player selection screen.

I have no idea what player was used before, but Mx Player and VLC should be listed in the first screen if they where installed. The first 3 options are when you share from other application and should not be used when playing from inside Yatse.

So to resume, hard to know what you changed and what was your default player. You may also have changed the transcoding settings that triggers different media types and could affect the selected player.

You should have Mx Player installed or VLC installed and select the proper player in Yatse settings.

In all cases as the template says I need logs to know more what you are doing :wink:

PS: And a big thanks for the bad rating :wink:

Installed MX player and now it works again. No options to choose from various players like plex, samsung video player or yatse media centre - instead it just plays the video with mx player.

Looks like whatever video player was used before got … removed? I have no clue. Still a very weird behaviour by the app - why doesn’t it say “no video player found” instead? And gives weird options?

Wasted most of my saturday evening on this - after solving it I have to stick with the rating. This behaviour is a bug and should be fixed. Drop me an email once this is done and I’ll give it the four stars it deserves.

This is no bug this is how Android works …

I have no clue what player you used and what settings you played with.

If you select default player it use the default Android player, if you change it then well you change it it’s outside of Yatse scope. Yatse can’t know and filter this it just says to Android hey here’s the video to play, depending on what the USER have chosen Android play or propose a player list.

The fix is obvious and already present, install a recommended player and select it in the settings so that Yatse does not rely on Android but does everything by itself.

I can’t fix Android part and I’m really sorry that you think 1 star for something that works as it should with instant support on the Week End is the proper behavior …

No wonder why devs don’t bother to provide support and just put tons of ads everywhere it’s way simpler…

And if you had contacted support as soon as you had the issue as the millions messages says you’d had an answer instantly as you just did and would not have lost any time …

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I just realized that that weird UI (bottom @ pic 2, and the whole of pic 3) still pops up - didn’t notice it before. Annoying, but the video works. Any way to get rid of that UI?

Also, I never changed the player - I’m not sure why you insist on it. It’s easy to claim that, but I know I did not. The issue is somewhere else entirely. And even it it was me doing the removing it wouldn’t change the fact that the weird selection screen was popping up, which for some reason you don’t feel like losing a word or two on. Nor would it explain why there’s still a broken UI on my screen when exiting a movie as said in my first sentence.

It’s alright if you don’t feel like taking this serious and addressing all key issues. Maybe some other users can chime in with helpful ideas.

This is really 100% ANDROID stuff see for example

This is completely outside of Yatse, this list of application is not from Yatse, the default player selection from Android is outside of Yatse, this is basic Android way of doing things. That’s why i know this is not something on Yatse side at 1000% and why I insist a lot, because I KNOW how things works.

Yatse sends an intent then ANDROID does something either show that list you saw or start the default player. For the last time THIS IS 100% ANDROID AND OUTSIDE YATSE THERE’S NOTHING I CAN DO except what Yatse already does provide options to bypass Android…

I don’t know how I can make you understand that THIS IS ANDROID STUFF AND NOT YATSE STUFF AT ALL. You can read some details about ANDROID internals at and specially the part that says:

We strongly recommend using the Android Sharesheet to create consistency for your users across apps. Apps should not display their own list of share targets or to create their own Sharesheet variations.

So let me try one last time
So funktioniert Android und diese seltsame Auswahlliste wurde von Android gezeigt, nicht von Yatse …

And yes the Yatse internal UI is always here as it’s necessary to handle playlists and how Yatse works internally you can’t get rid of it and it does not really matters as it’s hidden by the actual player.

So I get it, you do not believe me, you do not know how Android works and my work and my support does not worth more than a 1 star despite every explanations about the fact that the issue is not on Yatse side and the support about Android that is completely outside of the support I should provide :wink:

So well since I’ll never be able to fix Android on your device thanks again for the bad rating this is really appreciated and perfectly respectful :slight_smile:

So you have no clue why the UI as seen in Pic 2 and 3 is still there and how to get rid of it? Or why it is in german even though the rest of Yatse is in english (does it not belong to yatse?).

I have just explained why it’s here and why you can’t get it of it, but let’s ignore all the rest now :wink:

On screenshot 2 LIES MEHR is also in German and I can’t see any English anywhere so it’s hard to answer on the language part.

Furthermore you are still lacking the logs but it’s now clear that I’m loosing my time and you won’t change your mind and keep your rating and I should have just ignored you as your first comment asked for.

I’m so fool to still have hope in humanity being able to read and think, it’s Internet time now :slight_smile:

Since that broken UI element wasn’t there before, of course there’s a way to get rid of it.

If the dev can’t fix it, maybe some user can. I don’t care, I just want it to work. Especially because the suggestion tab is so much better than Plex’ and I don’t want to go back to that.

You are amazing man, really, way over my expectations from your first bad rating.

The UI was here, was always here and will always be here it’s how Yatse works and will always work until there’s an internal video player.

I know I have coded every single line of the application since 8 years …

So keep going, keep the bad rating and show that you like the app but think 1 star is a respectful action, I don’t really care as you clearly seems to just want to troll.
But no user will come and tell you something that is not possible. And thanks for ignoring all your non sense about how Android works :wink:

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Tolriq- you can’t fix stupid! I am very sorry you have to deal with idiots like this. You can tell he doesn’t understand what he is talking about.

If he would just spend a little time with the app; using it to enhance everything about Kodi and it add-ons as intended ; he would finally grasp the absolute Masterpiece Yatse is! It is such a work of art small minded people just can’t comprehend or have the patience to learn all of it’s many advanced features, options and settings. I think he would then understand that the horrible UI at the bottom of the screen that he speaks of, is the “Now Playing Controls” for Kodi (Or any of the other myriad external players Yatse can rule over) that morphs into the full Now Playing Screen when you press the left side of the Now Playing Controls.

I am going to post some screenshots. The settings that he needs to check that could possibly have caused issues are.

General Settings:

Video Player- Select a defined video player to allow resuming and watched
status management.

Select target on Send To-
Show Media Center selection dialog when sharing
via Send To.

Switch to target-
Switch Yatse to selected Media Center after
selection with Send To or Direct Share.

Interface Settings:

Now playing bar buttons-
Select the buttons to display in the small now playing bar. ( He can get rid of his bad UI…lol)

Scrolls hide bottom bar-
Hide the now playing bar when scrolling down.
Scrolling up makes it visible again.( Idiots can get rid of their bad UI…)

Internal shortcuts-
Movie, Tv… shortcuts in remote view goes to
Yates’s screens instead of Media Center’s.

Advanced Settings:

Disable Play on Media Center-
Remove entry Play on Media Center from Android
share menu.

Disable Queue on Media Center-
Remove entry Queue on Media Center from
Android share menu.

Disable Play on network media player
Remove entry Play on network media player from
Android share menu.

If jerkface would have had some patience I am sure the community would have gotten him straightened out. Instead he acts like he is the only person in the world and knows everything. I volunteer to personally refund his upgrade price if it will keep him from being a douchebag and spreading ignorance. He can then delete the app and we will have one less irritation in our lives.

He does not deserve Yatse anyway…



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