Input mask from Kodi Addon does not appear in yatse

I tried the radio addon found that the input mask in Yatse does not appear when “searching for stations”. At Kodi, it did. (14.1 KB)
I don’t know where the problem is, Kodi or Yatse.

Attached to the debug log.

Additional information:

You forget Kodi logs.

But from the logs Yatse does not receive the event so it’s probably the addon that use an internal dialog and not the normal way.

Here is the Kodi log (11.1 KB)

So yes the plugin does not properly handle search via VFS as other plugins :frowning: You need to report the plugin author so that he fix on his side, can take inspiration from Youtube plugin that support it.

Unfortunately the addons are no longer supported (, shoutcast)
Can you recommend an addon like this?

Sorry no don’t use online radios. But I’m pretty sure there’s other addons that support that site as I saw it often.

There’s probably someone on Kodi forums that can give you the name of more recent addons.

It must be the Android version?
With my Galaxy S10 +, a window pops up to send a text that passes my search to Kodi.

The tablet with no window pops up has the Android version 8.0.0

Does this have anything to do with it?

Hum then you probably have disabled the option use event server on the other device as there’s no differences between OS.

But this is strange as logs did not mention that will need to check that I log correctly.

Hello Tolriq

I reinstalled Yatse, now it seems to work.

Can you tell me why
Was there an attitude responsible?

Either you did that on purpose or your Kodi was broken during first configuration and Yatse could not enable the option that you fixed later.

In all cases no need to reinstall Yatse just remove / add the host reset the host settings.