Incompatible with Galaxy Tab S4?

Edited to correct ‘compatible’ to ‘incompatible’

Hi Tolriq,

I’ve just received my Galaxy Tab S4 and am trying to install Yatse on there. If I search in the play store, I can’t find it. If I follow the “Download the App” link from the home page, I get to a Play Store web page that tells me Yatse is incompatible with “all of my devices” (which are a OnePlus 5, a Nexus 9 with LineageOS 14 and now a Galaxy Tab S with Android 8.1).

What’s going on?

I have no control over Play Store :wink:

But Tab S4 is supported and there’s users with it according to Play Console.

Note that I had made a typo, Google play says that yatse is INCOMPATIBLE with all of my devices.

Strange thing is that i have it installed on my nexus 9 and oneplus 5. Perhaps it’s just the latest update that has an issue? I’ll check when my nexus 9 and oneplus 5 last installed a yatse update once i have access to them again.

I still have many new installs :wink:

It’s either your account the issue or a Google issue but nothing I can do on my side in all cases :frowning:

Ha, it’s a region thing. I added a Google account that I have in the Netherlands and now I see it. With my default UAE based account Yatse is not available. Another black mark against the Play Store!

Ha no sorry I did remove a few Arabic countries from Play Store as all they gave was 1 star rating for not understanding what the app was with 0 sales.

I don’t know if you have enough time, but if you can translate app description and app content in Arabic I can remove the limitation.

Hi, sorry but I don’t speak Arabic. Btw in the UAE almost everybody speaks English. Expats make up like 60% of the entire population, in Dubai even more than that.

Well ratings and sales did show that it’s not them that downloaded the app :wink: