Import settings extended

Could I also ask if we can have the ability to import from external sources aswell like prompting for Google Drive etc…

I can make configuration and save to drive then add other family members and import from their drive accounts easier than having to copy to emulated/0.



8.8.5 support exporting everything to password protected encrypted files for that purpose with easy import.

It’s just released.

Sorry I knew about that feature but did not realise I could look at external shares to import the file. Maybe my phone is defaulting to emulated/0 folder for some reasons and not prompting me.

If you press import it will look at the sdcard location.

You need to press on the backup file from your drive app and it will ask to restore from it’s location, this is new to 8.8.5 release along with backuping all the stuff now and not just settings.
If it’s not asking then pressing share should work too and you’ll see Yatse icon with import backup as name.

Ahhh I understand so file association is working using the .yas extension if that’s the case very clever :slight_smile: thank you

yes YAtseSettings :stuck_out_tongue:

Works perfectly… I think I just expected the same consistent flow of the saving data when restoring as it defaulted to ‘share to’ and gave me options to pick Google Drive etc but this works just as well going to external application then the association kicks in :slightly_smiling_face:

Your a clever man brilliant again sir.

Not all apps properly implement SAF and not all android versions.

Starting from the app that have the file works on all cases.