IMDb Link for cast not working anymore

Since the recent versions (latest and guess the one before) I am no longer able to click on the IMDB link for casts.

For example here:

If I click on IMDB, nothing happens. (3.7 KB)


You cheated :stuck_out_tongue:

You could also be happy that I report every time issues, when I face one :stuck_out_tongue:

Log already added to starting post.

Report without logs, forcing me to ask, is just time lost :wink:

Wanted to edit my last post to something like “haha xD”, but at least 20 characters are needed AND an entire sentence it must be… So couldnt edit my friend :wink:

Do you have the imdb app installed? Does it work? Does the other buttons works?

Yes IMDB app is installed. The IMDB button worked in the past with the app. But now not any longer :frowning:

The other buttons work well (eg Google).

On this contextual menu, the IMDB button works:

Ok so completely unrelated to Yatse. They decided for an unknown reason to change their url handling scheme and add a necessary / at the end just for that specific query.

I’ll add it hoping people will update their IMDB app or they’ll face the same issue …

That means, to fix it (temporarily), I would need to remove the IMDB app or at least let the IMDB-url open via browser?

Uninstall yes, for that button I detect the app and use a special case as the app does not properly register the normal search urls.

Since I do not really need the app, this “fix” is fine with me. Thanks! :slight_smile: