Image buffering in slideshow streaming

I want to watch the smartphone photos in Kodi. Therefore, I go in Android to the image folder and press share - yatse (play). It works and shows the image(s) on my projector.

However, whenever I swipe to the next image, there is a black screen of ~3-4s until its there. Probably it’s kind of a loading time.

Is there a way for a buffering, such that the image is loaded in the background and once fully loaded shown directly?

I use Android 10, and Kodi on libreelec on a raspberry pi 3b.

Please provide logs so I better see what you do, but Kodi does not support preloading of next image so not much I can do about that. (4.7 KB)
Here I send an Image via share button to Kodi (15.2 KB)
Here I open the local device within yatse and start streaming.

In both cases, after selecting the next photo, the (Kodi) screen immediately turns black, and then after 3s the image is shown. Is this behavior due to my slow raspberry pi, or is it the same for you?

A workaround (with a bit of implementation effort though) could be to create a video under the hood and stream it continuously. Afaik there are codecs which can handle static scenes very well in terms of bitrate. Just as an idea…

with a bit of implementation effort though

Well just a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway from the logs your images are quite big so I expect some delay, but Kodi request them 2 times at a few ms interval.
Would be nice to check Kodi logs and see if they really download the image twice in that case that would slow down a lot as double the data to transmit.

But in the end not much i can do here on my side sorry :frowning:

You don’t need to do anymore - it is solved now. I don’t exactly know why - I did two things

That solved the issue for me - now there is no black screen at all between the images, just a ~3s delay between phone and kodi, but this is due to the large jpg files.

I attached a new yatse log, if you want to check whether you see a difference. I hope I did it the same way like last time. (348.9 KB)

Anyway, thanks for throwing an eye on it!