I'm out of BUTTONS!: Change Layout?

I looked … I can’t be the only one asking for more then 13 buttons ???

So as far as I can tell VLC is the only way to get Compressor on 5.1 Audio so I am forced to use VLC for “NIGHT MODE”

Problem is I need more buttons ! at least 4 for VLC control I already created/ tested VLC control

SCRIPTS/MISC at master · freeload101/SCRIPTS · GitHub ( all the yac files )

  • I don’t want to long press a button ( I actually already have some of them set )
  • I don’t want to have to click the stupid “Custom Commands” button every time I want to control with VLC
  • there may be a easier way to control VLC with Yatse and some how combine commands ? IE when I use the “left” key to seek it also runs the VLC_SKIP_FORWARD etc ?
  • Not Windows or Wine

What a nice message :slight_smile:

Use MPC HC and the same filters.

Running Linux (Debian) Not Ubuntu

Looks like it runs sort of … tries to load core fonts or something. Is dev dead for it ? says 2017…and wine is gross. Is there a way I can add more buttons to the main interface ? I assume its some kind of json file or something on the phone in the setting

apt install wine-development winetricks -y
apt update
apt install snapd -y
snap install core
snap install mpc-hc --edge

sed 's/\/usr\/games/\/snap\/bin/g' /etc/login.defs  -i.$RANDOM

# Setup Yatse to use MPC-HC
# In the Web Interface check the box List on port and use the port 13579

# Setup Kodi to use MPC-HC

    <player name="MPV" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
      <args>--fs=yes "{1}"</args>
  <rules action="prepend">
    <rule video="true" player="MPV"/>

There’s forks and many things Google can help with :wink:

But no layout is not a JSON you edit and Yatse is a Kodi remote not a VLC remote.

There’s at least 26 configurable actions if you need more then you are using the wrong tool or try to solve the wrong problem.

Pretty sure Kodi now also have DSP plugin to achieve similar needs.