Ignore or better handle unwanted stop commands from Android Auto

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Issue description: I use Yatse with a Jellyfin server. I download (or sync if you like) music to my Moto G Power over my home WiFi and then play it back offline while driving. This issue is music usually does not resume after a stop. By this I mean turning my car’s engine off completely clears the music queue. For example, I start my car and play an album. After listening to a few songs, I stop my car and shut off the engine to fill up with gas. The stop is not more than 10 minutes. When I start my car again, the music does not resume and the queue is empty. I have to start the album from scratch and fast forward past the songs I already heard.

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[Support] Yatse logs - 20220124_194113.zip (12.4 KB)


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Yes some cars do send a stop to Yatse when they stop, and since Yatse is not just a local player it clears it’s queue on stop.

2022-01-24 19:38:11.627 Verbose/PlayerService: onMediaButton: android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON - KeyEvent { action=ACTION_DOWN, keyCode=KEYCODE_MEDIA_STOP, scanCode=0, metaState=0, flags=0x0, repeatCount=0, eventTime=0, downTime=0, deviceId=-1, source=0x0, displayId=0 }
2022-01-24 19:38:11.632 Verbose/PlayerService: onStop

I still don’t know how to properly address that, but I’ll move this to feature request so that it’s higher priority than in my local TODO.
I’ll probably just hack something based on being connected to car + local player then convert stop to pause.

Ugh. I had a feeling it was something dumb that Toyota is doing. I have been considering replacing the factory unit with Android Auto, so maybe I’ll pull the trigger on that. Thanks for your help.