I miss a simple GAIN feature

Useful for old music albums that are recorded at low level.
Thanks, bye

Can you please add some more details? (A lot :p)

Playing from where to where, what format are the replaygain filled in the tags? All the necessary things to actually be able to answer.

I play FLACs and listen to with bluetooth headphones. The quality is really good and the volume also but some (old) song needs a volume gain because the recording is low. In these cases, when I need more volume I use another player (like foobar) where I can decide to gain volume (from 0 to + 12 dB).

So we have the where it’s played (I guess the phone), now still miss the from where and does the media have the replaygain value set in tags?

There’s no plans to put a raw gain for everything as volume up does the same thing. If some media have replay gain correctly provided by the source then it should already work.

Yes, i play from a smartphone.
Sources are FLACs on a PLEX server.
Never known that a gain value could be tagged inside the tracks. I tried to change it on a song that has low level even with the general volume is set to maximum but nothing has changed. The volume is still good but not high as I expected. Maybe I’ve not tagged properly the track?

Have you rescanned the library in plex after changing the tag not sure it’s automatic in plex ?

Please see How to get debug information and open a proper issue for how to gather logs for Yatse that should include sync (so after enabling debug swipe down to force sync) then after sync play the media so I can see what is happening.

OK, I’m going to send you the log. Thanks