How to view a list of all artists and albums

I use Yatse as an app (android) to access my Emby server. My problem is that Under the discover tab I only get random artists and albums, and under the explore tab I get mixes and new albums. How do I play my old albums?
If I click Music in the top-left menu, I get a list of my artists. But it always says there is no media, and the syncing process never works. All my artists ARE listed, I just cannot play anything.

You probably have some filters enabled as the text in the middle of the screen says.

But can’t tell more without the mandatory logs: How to get debug information and open a proper issue

Sent in logs 20220303_123641

Hum nothing received. You can attached them privately here too

Here it is (removed)

Ok so yes files that big don’t goes via mail :slight_smile:

Anyway as suspected the sync works fine:
End Insert Audio Songs: 163526 [304.04s]
End parsing Music [329.10s]

Can you please describe more what you do after to browse the library, it’s not present in the logs.

I have a huge library (150,000 tracks) and it stops apparently before doing them all.

The sync does work correctly and insert 163 526 songs.

I have users with bigger library this is not the issue here, if you have data in the overview tabs then your issue is something else.

Sounds like some filters or wrong data returned by Emby for association between artists and songs. But you really need to properly describe your issue and what you do. Do not assume things or try to imagine what the issue is, just describe. Screenshots, video whatever of what you are doing.