How to share links from arbitrary app through Yatse and play them with the appropriate plugin on Kodi

Hi there,

I would like to know whether anyone can tell me how to make Kodi play links correctly when coming in via Yatse. This works for Youtube, TED and a few others but as can be taken from Yatse’s logs there is some magic happening (some UriHandler at work) which e.g. transforms links in the form of… into plugin://… which Kodi then can handle appropriately. Unfortunatelly this doesn’t work by far for every link. As in my case, I would like to share links from several german TV station apps with Yatse and by that having Kodi playback those videos correctly. For that I have to parse the URL in order to get to the actual video stream but I don’t know how to make Kodi or Yatse to route those specific links correctly. I wrote a small Kodi plugin, hoping that I could somehow intercept those URLs but for now this doesn’t work as intended. So my question is: can anyone tell me what this UriHandler inside the Yatse logs is and whether this is an integral part of Yatse where a certain set of URLs is hard-coded and transformed and if so, whether I have any chance to intercept the URLs which are sent to Kodi in order to parse them with my own plaugin?

I appreciate any kind of help.
Kind regards ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hint, didn’t know such a thing existed. I quickly skimmed trough the code but couldn’t get a grasp on how to use this for what I intend. How can I use this addon to parse a link like ? I’d like to parse that page to get to the actual video stream and then send that one to the Kodi player. Do I have to extend that plugin?

Just install the addon and let it do it’s magic :wink: (And for the record Yatse does show you messages about this addon)

3sat is supported