How to refresh PVR channel logo's in Yatse after update in Kodi

After having updated some of my PVR channel logo’s in Kodi i don’t see the new/updated logo’s in Yatse.
Is there a way to refresh these used logo’s?

I looked at the cache in settings but there is no separate PVR cache icon.
Help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Why remove the template that asks for logs ? :slight_smile:

I can assume Kodi 18 and facing new security issue with icons being at wrong place but logs are always mandatory.

Ooh, i am so sorry Tolriq.

My phone is a Mi A1 running Android Pie

Kodi Krypton 17.6 runs on a Windows 10 system.

I do not get notifications on edit :wink:

I need Kodi logs + logs from Yatse after a full kill. Yatse have a cache of 404 urls to not request them infinitely.

Here you go Tolriq, Kodi and Yatse logs
I hope i did it right this time :wink:

Have a great New Year :tada:

After reading possibly better I guess that your need is just to clear Yatse image cache from the settings.

I totally forget that PVR have forced names so Yatse have no way to detect image change and use it’s cache.

I have deleted the cache. Didn’t work.
Uninstalled Yatse. Didn’t work.

I noticed that Yatse PVR detects when an icon is missing. So my solution (hopefully) is to delete all icons in Kodi PVR and add them again.

If uninstall Yatse does not work then the issue is 100% Kodi side :slight_smile:

Yatse can only display what Kodi sends, sounds like a bug in Kodi that should be reported, there’s probably some cache somewhere there. (But you should reproduce the issue with web interface for example as naming Yatse won’t help)

Thanks. I will try your advise :+1:

Just to let you know. The solution was to first release all channel icons in Kodi, deleting cache of Yatse manually in my file manager and reinstalling Yatse.
I found out that reinstalling was necessary because i installed Kore to check what the PVR would show in that app.
So problem solved with a workaround.
Now trying to get noticed by the Kodi devs.

Uninstall Yatse does remove cache there’s nothing to remove manually :slight_smile:

And using the clear image cache in settings does remove all images in cache so would have provided the same solution without the need to uninstall.

Let’s hope the root issue is solved on Kodi side (But if the image link is still the same after, in all case a Yatse image cache clear will be needed).

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