How to control a custom A/V


I write you because I have build my own A/V device and I would like to control some of its functionality listed below via yatse using the most appropriate method or the one you advice.

  • increase / decrease volume
  • mute
  • change source
  • power on/off

At the moment i can control all the functionalities by using the HTTP command plugin and then I associate a button in the Remote view to the HTTP command.
This process has some problems:

  • if I replace the mute command command (for kodi) with the HTTP command in the Remote view then the mute button icon doesn’t have and active / inactive color. Practically, I do not know if the mute button was pressed or not
  • I am not able to use the physical volume buttons to increase / decrease the A/V volume, but the kodi one. Is there a way to set a specific command for the physical vol buttons?
  • if I am in the Player view and I want to reduce the volume I need to go the Remote view by swiping right and then touching the Remote menu item.
    Is there a way to shave a shortcut to the remote on the top of the screen?

A more general question.
Am I using Yatze in the right way? Is there a better way to accomplish what I described above with a different methodology? Do I need to write a plugin?

Thank you very much for your help and time

Keep up with the great work you are doing with yatse!


Yes you should write a plugin :slight_smile:

See GitHub - Tolriq/yatse-avreceiverplugin-api: API and Sample for Yatse Audio/Video receiver plugins