How to choose video quality for offline download without using Smart Sync?

I just want to download the whole season in 1080p because in original 4K it would use too much of my storage. I don’t want to use the Smart Sync or any of that, just want to download for offline watching.

How do I do that?

If you want a full season then use the smart sync and uncheck the remove watched and limit.

It will do what you want with ease.

Yeah, but it won’t download the watched episodes and I’d like to download them without having to mark them as unwatched. You would think I can then just download that one manually but no, then it starts downloading the WHOLE show.

That should not be the case, please provide logs and details about what happens.

I can’t replicate now since I downloaded the whole show now. Can’t you just bring out a feature that I can transcode without having to enable Smart Sync? I have no interest in Smart Sync and just want to download all episodes of my show in 720p.