How to add command to remote for subtitle offset

Issue description:

  1. I would like a command or button to easily enable/disable subtitles and
  2. a command or button to easily +/- subtitle offset.

Logs: -

Screenshots: custom command: only http is available, when I click ADD FROM MEDIACENTER, the popup is empty, only a help link.

Additional information: Android 9 on Google Pixel 1. Using Vero4K (OSMC).

Yes there’s a bug in current version (fixed in beta).

But all those are available in the now playing panel, just click the subtitle button and you can instantly change the sub and enable / disable it + change delay and position and other stuff too :wink:

OMG, it’s all there!!
I never given the Now Playing screen much thought, the playback buttons are too small for me there (compared to Remote).
But this is enough for me :slight_smile: thanks.

The touch zone is way larger than the icon itself :wink:

Follow Google design guides :frowning:

That’s a choice right? Following their guidelines strictly?

Anyway, you still need both screens, Remote & Now Playing because the latter doesn’t have navigation arrows, back button and context menu. An option to have all that in Now Playing (or vice versa, the now playing buttons in the Remote) would be nice.
Remote has stuff I haven’t used in years, Home/TvShows/Movies/Music/Pictures. An option to hide that would allow extra space for the buttons from Now Playing. Just a thought.

You usually don’t need both at the same time :wink:

And you can assign all the commands you want to the buttons in the remote screen.

You can replace top bar with any icons and custom command you want.

Seriously? I have gone through all the settings 4 times, including Advanced and Expert. I have tried long pressing, but there was no way to remove the top bar buttons or assigning different commands to existing buttons.

And yet it’s possible and documented in the Custom Command Wiki page :slight_smile:

Aha but that’s not possible in the current version, guess I was just too late :slight_smile: I’ll wait till the beta is released.

Well you can’t create CC but you can import them and edit them and assign them :wink:

And being part of beta would ensure that all works, as once it’s in prod it’s longer between fixes. While in prod I can push build often until issues are fixed.

edit, never mind! shortcut 1-5 are the topbar icons after all.