How does Yatse transfer files so fast?

Hi, when make movies or shows available offline with Yatse, the files are transferred pretty fast from my Kodi machine to my phone (around 50 MB/s over 5G wifi).

When I transfer the same movie over a samba share on the same machine to my phone, I can barely reach 5 MB/s (over the same 5G wifi connection).

So my question is, which protocol is Yatse using to transfer files from Kodi to my phone?

Http :slight_smile:

But Yatse is overly optimized to the last bits on each of it’s functions :wink:

Thanks for you fast answer. Seems to be a problem with the implementation of smb in Android or MiXplorer then.
A transfer over ftp reaches the same speeds as the http transfer over Yatse.