How does Yatse send the CECActivateSource command over the JSON RPC?

How does Yatse send the CEC Activate command to Kodi (from the Yatse power menu)? I would like to do something similar using Home Assistant so I looked through the JSON RPC API docs but couldn’t find anything. Is there an undocumented method I can call for this?

I could only find Kodi’s built-in function CECActivateSource that can be called from scripts.

That’s what I use there’s no JSON command. But for Kodi questions Kodi forum is the best place.

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Thanks. I realize now that Yatse is using Kodi’s EventServer for the built-in actions. It’s not as clean as making a JSON RPC call but I can do what I want with the Python EventClient included in the Kodi source.

Well I tried for years to have JSON improved then gave up :slight_smile:
Event Server is still mandatory for a few things.

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