How do you watch offline media once downloaded?

I have downloaded a file via the download button on the episode, and now the button shows the tick. I can also browse to the download directory and play the file from there. So far so good.

However, now I want to play this file from Yatse. Pressing play just plays on the media centre (and disconnecting removes the play button). I expected a choice - like when the media centre has a restore point.

I also checked in the episode menu for a “play local file” option, and fiddled with the streaming settings.

I’ve checked the “Offline Medias” section of the guide but it only talks about downloading, which works fine. I’m happy to provide logs if there’s some functionality that’s not working for me.

Yatse 8.8.3/310722
Android 9 (5 December 2018 patch)
Pixel XL

A file being offline cached is just a state.

All works as usual, you select your player in the cast button top right. Yatse will automatically chose to use the cached file when it makes sense.

There’s a setting Automatic offline mode, that can automatically activate the offline filter to only see cached files + switch to local player when not connected to a remote media server.

Ah yes - that works, thanks (and slurm on the media centre agrees there’s no streaming).