How do I configure to access my server over the internet?

Good evening, I am a fiber optic broadband user, I have a fixed public ip, and I used Yatse to receive from my servers through the web, in addition to the lan, however, a technician came here yesterday, due to a complaint from my brother , changed the router for another one and put the login and the settings of the new router either in the company, I think the employee called acess point, before I used it myself entering the provider data and configuring my router, the problem is that now I don’t I can’t access my servers through the web or through Kodi or Plex, could you point me to a solution?

I’m sorry this is out of Yatse support scope, it depends on your router and provider you need to seek help with them.

Too bad, I’ll have to use the original plex app then to see it on the internet, thanks.