How do i buy the Pro version?

Can someone please tell me how i pay for the pro version ?

You have already purchased the pro version, no need to spam everywhere :slight_smile:

You’ve lost me Tolriq, I’ve only asked this question once in the forum with no response so I started a thread as others are having difficulty in finding out how to purchase,so i can’t see how I’ve spammed :thinking::thinking::thinking:

You posted the question first in a totally irrelevant place, when you post on a thread that have many answers or like the survey many votes, each comment will notify all the users participating.

So you have spammed a lot of people with your question :wink:

If posting a question in “support” is irrelevant then my bad btw do all donatee’s get this hassle when making a mistake?

You first posted here : Survey: Why do you stay on free version?

That means 65 persons get a mail with your question. Posting in support is OK and not the issue here even if you should not have crossposted in less than 10 mins.

Just trying to explain you what you did, since you seems to refuse to understand why your actions were spam.

You still had your answer in my first message.

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