How come you dropped Redmine?

Hi there,
I am interested to know why you have dropped Redmine for another Issue tracking system. Could you please explain the basic reasons?

Disclaimer: my interest is professional, since I use RM for some of my customers

Thank you in advance,

PS: it goes without saying that you’ve done an awesome job with Yatse! I am a paying user of your app and would gladly see it as a subscription-based app in order for you to be able to keep running it.

Well RM is a bitch to maintain / upgrade with plugins and in a language I don’t know :slight_smile:

I started with it because of the Wiki, FAQ plugin, home page,… .
FAQ plugin was discontinued and Wiki too limited for my needs.
Once you remove those after I migrated them to a new site thanks to someone who build the theme, redmine is too much work just for an issue tracker so when I migrated to a new server with different OS I chose to drop instead of migrate and choose something better for mobile and forum part.

Discourse mostly fit the need. The only missing part is easy private issues, as it needs to be started as a PM and a different process than normal issues, could be complicated for first time users.

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