Host specific players

I would really appreciate the option to remember the media player depending on the host I’m using.

For instance, when I select Kodi from my headless NAS, I always want to play the media on my phone (local device).

When I select Kodi running on one of my Firesticks I want to play the media on my TV in remote control mode (stop casting).

It would be awesome if yatse would remember my choice and keep it selected when I change between hosts – even cooler if I could stream music on my phone from my NAS and control the TV at the same time.

I’m sorry but this is not really possible in a generic way.

Renderers also include many things that comes and go and takes time to detect.

Having this by default would trigger lots of issues and support, adding an option that either would not work 100% or would work 100% but prevent user actions for long delays is not really wanted either.

For the second need this is wayyyy to much problems to address for a very rare need (listening 2 different things at the same time?)