Home Assistant keypress

Hi! When I use Yatse, I can send “real” keypresses to Kodi. Up is like the up key on the remote and e.g. displays the controls of Kodi in the player and works as “up” in movie / tv show lists. When I use the JSON RPC and send Input.up, that works in the menu, but not when playing something.

Can anyone give me a tip, how to send the “actual” keypresses to Kodi, like simulating pressing the cursor up key, with Home Assistant? Goal would be to make it work the same like my remote and like the Yatse screen with the cursor-keys. Thank you!

Event Server but not sure Home assistant have the bindings for that.

Sight, thanks, I thought so… :slight_smile: Well, I can write a shell script. What would be the Event Server commands to do that? Or do you have some sort of example / documentation, where I can see on how to do it in bash? Thanks!

This is Yatse support not Kodi support sorry.

I understand, thank you.