Hiding deactivated addons

I deactivated several addons in Kodi but thez still show up in Yatse.
How can I hide them? It is apparently possible to hide all addons, but not those you don’t want.

I am new to Yatse which is a great stuff for Kodi. Still searching ways to adapt things to my needs… There is one which is annoying and I see that it has been answered many times. When I want to cast a film, I am warned that it can’t, but when the film has started, the problem disappears.

Click the filter button and select hide disabled :wink:

For streaming from addons, as the application description and FAQ says, Kodi does not expose necessary API to be able to cast from addons.
Once the addons is started sometimes you get a playable url that can then be cast, there’s no other workaround and it may not work sometimes.

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