Hide empty TV Shows


sorry, maybe I am blind, but while Kodi gives me the media-option to “show empty tv shows”, Yatse does not?

I mean, I disabled the “show empty tv shows” on kodi side, because I don’t want to see the tv shows that contain no episodes (yet). This works fine.
But when I sync Yatse with Kodi, I can see all the tv shows in Yatse, also the empty one… :-/


Duplicate of many, this would slow down things for no purpose, just remove them from Kodi if you do not want to see them.

There’s 0 advantage in keeping them.

Sure there are use cases. I would assume this is the reason why kodi added it to its settings :wink:

In my family we keep the empty tv show folder, which helps us to track which tv show is or was worth to watch or will get new season soon. However, because we delete watched seasons, sometimes tv show folders are empty for some weeks/months.

HOWEVER… It would be perfect to have a toggle button like the “Hide Watched” (as “Hide empty TV shows”), but it is fine for me NOT having this feature. Simply this is because all the empty tv shows are at the bottom of the tv show list (not sure why), and that is fine, fair enough :slight_smile:

Have a good time and thanks for your time!

Well this is still an absurd option and as said would slow down Yatse.

Either you want to see them to know what to download or you want to hide them to not see them. If it’s just to keep track you can move the folder outside of the source or have 2 sources with one of them not scraped, or many other ways:)

So sorry as said I won’t add such options as it really makes little sense.

It’s fine. Thank you :slight_smile: