Having trouble casting my videos from my phone to kodi on my android tv

Hello I just purchased the unlocker for yatse and I need assistance on how to fix my issue. I’m getting an error message when I try to cast videos from my phone to kodi on the android tv.

kodi.log (92.5 KB)

please tell me if there’s any other information you need. thank you

casting songs work but videos doesn’t for some reason. I’m not so good with this thing so please bear with me

I need Yatse logs and more details about how you trigger the cast How to get debug information and open a proper issue

thank you I’ll try sending the logs

debug-20210305_201547.zip (40.5 KB) kodi_2.log (82.2 KB)

sorry for delay. i had to do something. I tried following every instructions, this time i didn’t get the playback failed error but it’s just very slow. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m streaming on my phone from the sd card.

I’m also getting this when trying to cast on kodi. but songs work though

You are trying to stream from Kodi to Kodi via upnp.

I think that you are trying to do something wrong. What are you doing and how?

I open Yatse, press the cast icon on the upper right. select kodi.

the i go to local device, files, then select the video i want to play on my android tv.

it just loads so long, sometimes it says playback failed.

From the logs you selected the UPnP Kodi don’t do that.

First go to local device then select Kodi in the media center list not the network player list.

okay I’ll try that. thank you for your help. I’ll see if it works