Having Movies, TV shows etc tabs when not in Home view

In Home view there are two tabs: Overview and Discover.
Imho it would be very convenient having the same tabs when choosing e.g. Movies in the left menu.
The tabs could be:
Movies - TVshows - PVR - etc.
This methode saves a lot of going to the left menu.

Sorry but no, Yatse have a navigation pattern and way too many possible things to display to use a full tabbed navigation.

Home covers 80% of the usual direct needs, if you need something else then either it’s generic and can be added to home / overview tabs (then tell) or you are wanting something specific and then moving to that specific location is the way to go.

Is it okay if i make a mockup to show what i mean?

Well you can do anything, but I’m pretty sure I understand and the answer won’t change :wink:

If you have needs for new rows that can fit overview / home then open a feature for that :wink: